And, at last

And, at last Let's look as passes the most usual day at teenagers who are included into this group.

Brett is years old.

It begins the usual day well, having received perfectly at first on mathematics, and then on English.

It is scary happy.

And, at last five for the composition.

That in a day!

After a lunch, playing soccer, it hammers the goal solving for his team into the opponent's gate.

Having come back home from school, he finds on a kitchen table a note from mother in whom she reports that went to shop and will come not earlier than six hours.

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The boy does

The boy does She is strict with two oldest daughters, and the boy exempts from all house instructions and forgives him any roughness in relation to it and to sisters.

The boy does not cause sympathy neither in the sisters, nor in other children.

It is clear why the child's parents with a physical defect are inclined to feel to it deep pity and too little from it to ask.

Pity as drug.

Even, if in the beginning it also does not give to the person pleasure, having got used to it, it will not be able to do without it.

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Whether Imagine when she watches TV, squints so that is not visible an eye!

Perhaps, it simply needs points?

Here and our consultation against an incessant hysterics of mother, a hysterics, seemingly, of the life of my patient making a constant background flows.

Whether it is surprising, what she began to miss?


Though this history also looks grotesque very, however, gloomy in it there is nothing improbable.

The exaggerated alarm for the child is represented to much of us true expression of parental love and dedication.

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If under

If under You can ask, whether it will be simpler to tell the child that he was brought by a stork.

No, and for this purpose there are some reasons.

If mother or the aunt are pregnant, from scraps of talk and supervision over changes of a figure he can guess the forthcoming birth of the child partly.

If under such circumstances mother is, being nervous, to explain him that is not similar at all to the truth which he guesses, the child will be sure that him deceive.

But, even, if he also does not guess the truth in years, he for certain learns it in , or years.

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If the child

If the child Therefore while you dilute the child's milk with water, you have to sterilize both milk, and ware.

If the child passed to pasteurized milk usually at the age of months.

The doctor can allow you not to boil milk and ware provided that you pour milk in a children's bottle or a cup before the feeding.

A small amount of the bacteria which remained in a small bottle will not manage to breed in the dairy environment in some minutes before food.

However, if your child easily has a diarrhea, the doctor will advise you to boil even pasteurized milk.

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